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is an interesting cosmetics company.

Benefiance anti-wrinkle cream

Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream (Anti Photowrinkle System) 15ml/.51oz.

It’s the Fourth largest Cosmetics company and is also the Oldest cosmetics company in the World.
So why haven’t you heard of it ?
After all they have over 25000 outlets for their superb range of cosmetic and hair care products.
You will find them in Department stores, Asian retail stores and Pharmacies.
(Oh - and on this website ! -
It’s a Japanese company and they market A softening lotion called Eudermine, which is still marketed and sold at all Shiseido counters. Eudermine gives a softer skin and a toner like effect and was produced as a healthier option for Japanese ladies who had previously used white lead as makeup.
Eudermine is still a popular cosmetic today. And is sold as Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence
They were the first company to produce sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid/hyaluronan) from non-animal origin sources and have remained as innovators in the Cosmetics field.
They have a very interesting Bio Performance range with a very popular anti aging eye cream which concentrates on removing fine lines and bags under the eyes.
. The Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer and Advanced Super Restoring Cream are two of Shiseido's most popular[anti-aging creams. The Bio-Performance line was marketed from 1987
Many Cosmetics companies use sodium hyaluronate rather than hyaluronic acid on their ingredients. Shiseido owns the patents to this process.
(Its an essential substitute for the older hyaluonic acid which had unpleasant side effects.
Shiseido’s product packaging is quite futuristic and stunning and looks rather as though it has time travelled back to your dressing table from the future.
Recent additions to the ShiseidoBio-Performance range also include a Refining Essence and Super Exfoliating Discs
There is a more recent "Benefiance range"which was introduced in 1996 and this range is specifically formulated for more mature and dry skin types
. Most of Benifiance Range containers are glass and elelgantly beige.
Some recent additions to the Benefiance line include a reformulated antiwrinkle eye cream which also will treat dark circles beneath your eyes , and a special retinol face mask.

Benefiance Eye Wrinkle mask


Shiseido also offers their famed White Lucent" range that is one of the most popular cosmetics in Asia. White Lucent lightens the appearance of skin discoloration due to sun exposure
(Actually it Brightens the skin rather than lighten it )
This works with a combination of Vitamin C and various botanical extrats and unlike other skin lightening products ( many of which from other companies have now been banned by the FDA).,
White Lucent does not contain an actual bleaching agent,
For ladies in their 20’s to 50s, Shiseido a range called “The Skincare” which is more hydrating - it also includes three eye creams.
Shiseido has yet another range - this time aimed squarely at younger users and it is called Pureness - and this contains Rosemary Extract and palo azul, ( a special skin conditioner with an anti-microbial effect) This is a less costly range and the Pureness packaging is accordingly more basic - it’s white plastic !

Shiseido has a good range of Suncare products too with UVA/UVB sun protection lotions and creams for face, eyes, lips and body.
They also have their own different rating system of PA ranging from "+" to "+++" as there is no established standard for labelling products that have UVA protection
All Shiseido Suncare products with sun protection (and several foundations) have received The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation
There’s also a range of products for men from Shiseido and these include Shaving Cream ,a face wash which also doubles as shaving foam, an aftershave lotion,modisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams ( so he doesn’t have to steal yours any more)self tanning products and eye products.
Shiseido Also markets a huge makeup range
This a line of cosmetics issimply called "The Makeup" that provide a full range of products including lip products, powder eye shadows, eye liner pencils, mascara, fluid and compact foundations, concealers, and powder blush. Their hydro powder eye shadows which have a creamy texture are among Allure magazine's top beauty picks
Shiseido also markets under several brand Names (particularly in department stores)
• Beauté Prestige International, based in Paris, France, produces perfumes under the Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, and Narciso Rodriguez brands. It also distributes fragrances and men's skincare under the John Varvatos brand. NARS is also owned by Shiseido.
• Aupres is a line of prestige cosmetics and skincare products made and sold exclusively in China.
• Serge Lutens
• UNO is a self selection line for men.
• Clé de Peau is their expensive line offers skincare, makeup and bodycare. The most popular item from Cle de peau is the concealer, along with Clé de Peau Beauté.
• ff and aqualabel are their drugstores line and these lines offer cheaper skincare and makeup.

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