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Reduce Liver Spots

What are Liver Spots ?

Liver spots are quite a normal part of aging and can appear on your hands,arms,face,head and neck.

They are usually small and pale brown (do not confuse liver spots with Mole which are a dark brown and should not be treated without medical advice)

Liver spots are actually quite normal in people over 40 years old.
The first place most people notice liver spots is on the back of their hands.
Theay are often called  Old Age Spots.
While they are quite normal, they are a sign that your body is not really regenerating after damage from the Sun.

Its also normal for  people who work outdoors in hot countries to get lots of liver spots.)

Because of the root cause of liver spots they are sometimes known medically as Solar lentigo spots.
They are called liver spots because they look vaguely the colour of liver.
(They are not normally a sign of liver damage !)
Although they are normally harmless they can appear over areas and mask the appearance of skin cancer. Only worry about this if they start to itch a great deal.
Then consult your doctor for a proper opinion..
So how can you limit your liver spots?.

Basically liver spots can be difficult to treat but here are some effective creams and lotions that I have found..


Actifade Lightens skin Actifade is a reliable cream and  a powerful medication that that will fade sun spots

buy Actifade direct from Amazon Some exfoliating scrubs will reduce the effects but they work by taking off a layer of skin,



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Herbal Exfoliating Body Scrub works well and is an effective cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer, and softener for your skin. It gently exfoliates, removing dulling dirt, toxins, and dead skin cells to awaken new youthful skin. It refreshes tired skin, promotes cell growth, helps in producing natural oils in the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. This is a herbal formula and is quite effective.
Celazome is a product that lightens dark skin areas and Fade Shades® Lightening Gel Named the "Vanishing Act" by our customers
This has .Dramatic visible correction for clients with skin discolorations, uneven skin tone, varicolored complexion and age spots.


Celazome Fadeshades

Celazome Fadeshades  Buy Fadeshades

Fadeshades delivers a powerful array of corrective benefits to quickly lighten skin pigmentations, even out complexion and dramatically improve skin clarity.
Skin Types: For all skin types including acne prone skin.

You can also have liver Spots treated medically with lasers, electrosurgery or cryotherapy (medical chilling of a local area)-don't try this at home you'll just end up with a very cold arm !
(And playing with lasers is just plain wrong !)

One thing is for certain though - the older you get, you will eventually get more liver spots - this is one of those awkward facts of life. - Tell people they are freckles ¬

This is because when you get older your skin cannot regenerate as quickly from damage by the Sun.

These spots particularly common In Australia and Southern Africa.
Liver spots also can be found on the neck and shoulders ,the face, even higher up the head (especially bald spots) in fact in any area that you regularly expose to strong sunlight.

Home remedies involving strong acids are not a good alternative.

Just get a medically approved treatment please

A number of good creams and treatments can be found here

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