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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night, 1 ounce

Rolling back the years is what many people desire The fact is that age wrinkles your skin . Many people try botox and the effects vary according to your skin

Facial Wrinkle

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night, 1 ounce

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  • Accelerated Retinol Sa
  • Fades the look of stubborn wrinkles
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Smooth fine lines & texture
  • Visible results in just one week

facial wrinkle

Visibly fade the look of stubborn wrinkles with our fastest Retinol formula available! So effective, 100% of women tested had noticeable results in just one week. Featuring its unique combination of Retinol Sa, Glucose Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid, Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer moisturizes and renews the look of skin throughout the day, and helps to smooth wrinkles fast and diminish the look of age spots. Skin is left feeling smooth and looking younger.   
It's a new era in ant

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night, 1 ounce

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Facial Wrinkles ? The Cause and Solution
facial wrinkle



The causes of facial wrinkles are the same as for any wrinkle.  But face wrinkles are what ‘s noticed most.  To understand the solution let's first know the causes; which will help prevent more facial wrinkles.



Sunlight is often blamed for wrinkling, but it is actually the free radicals produced during UV exposure that cause the damage.  Free radicals are molecules that are considered "reactive".  They are missing an electron.  During exposure to UV radiation, they attempt to steal electrons from skin cells, elastic fibers and DNA strands.  If they are successful in obtaining the electrons, it damages the cell, the fiber or the cellular DNA.  This is one of the basic causes of cellular aging.

  Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoke contains free radicals.  This is why smoking causes lung cancer.  The free radicals in cigarette smoke can cause the same kind of damage mentioned above.

  Habitual Facial Expressions

Habitual facial expressions may be caused by not wearing sunglasses in the sunlight or by cigarette smoking.  So, the causes of wrinkles are often interrelated. 


Smokers often develop vertical lines above their lips.  This is due to the lip pursing that occurs when taking a drag off of a cigarette smoke and due to the free radicals in the smoke.

People who fail to wear sunglasses squint to protect their eyes from the bright light.  The habitual expression and the increased production of free radicals that occurs during exposure to UV radiation combine to cause crow's feet…wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. 

Those are just a couple of examples of the facial expressions that may contribute to wrinkles.  While free radicals are almost always involved, the facial expressions are a contributing factor.

 Chronic Inflammation - Cause of Aging

Chronic inflammation is a cause of cellular aging throughout the body.  It is also a cause of the visible signs of age.  Free radical damage can cause inflammation, which can become chronic.  So, free radical damage and chronic inflammation are related.  Researchers say those two things contribute to the production and growth of cancerous cells, too.

  AGEs - a Cause of Wrinkles

AGEs are advanced glycation end-products.  In a recent study, researchers concluded that AGEs are a cause of wrinkles. 

AGEs may be produced in your body when you eat simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, baked goods, breads and processed grains.  The simple carbs cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.  Insulin contributes to inflammation.

The spike in blood sugar can lead to a chain reaction that ends with the production of grotesque molecules that cannot be used by the body.  The molecules, called AGEs, can kill cells.  AGEs have been implicated in all seemingly age-related diseases.


Although the role played by genetics is believed to be minor, it is worth mentioning.  There may be some wrinkles that you simply have to live with, because your mother had them or your father had them. 

Most wrinkles, however, can be avoided or reversed with the right solutions.  Now that we have covered the causes, let's look at the solutions in my next article.    

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Thank you for reading this article.  I hope it helped answer  your questions.   I have a lot more skin care information that I know will help you.  I am Margaret Bell and I specialize in skin care and health information.   I would like to invite you to visit for FREE Instant Access to a more information on How to Reduce Facial Wrinkles in Men & Women.   Sign up for the Free Skin Care Guide and Newsletter.

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facial wrinkle question by BeachGirl: What can I do about my first wrinkle or facial line?
I'm 24 and a little freaked out because I have a line in between my eyebrows going vertically that doesn't go away even with make up. Is there anything I can do about it? Will microdermibration take away? What can I do to slow down aging? To all you ladies out there: If you could turn back time and change something that has made you age more what would it be?
Yeah, it's an expression line, right in between my eyebrows on my forehead

facial wrinkle best answer:

Answer by UpAtNight
Ask this question in about another 10 years. And in the meantime regularly exfoliate and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Facial Exercises to Eliminate Wrinkles #841 - Use these 4 exercises to help eliminate wrinkle spots like on the forehead, crows feet and a saggy neck.
facial wrinkle Video Rating: 4 / 5

Other anti aging procedures like facial peels work in different ways for different skin colorations :folks.Some creams are more costly than others.This often depends on if you have used tanning salons

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10 Responses to “Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night, 1 ounce”

  1. Christine Kevorkian "Blessings~" says:
    39 of 40 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great stuff!, March 20, 2011
    Christine Kevorkian “Blessings~” (Transplanted New Yorker now in Las Vegas via Connecticut) –

    This product is great. At first, I thought it was a little thick…then, after using it for a few
    days, people have been commenting on how great my skin looks! And I’m 63 and live in the Southwest
    where the weather is very dry. I like the ingredients…It contains all the good stuff for wrinkles
    and dry skin. I bought this product at my local CVS, but, for sure, I will buy through Amazon…
    I believe it is even eligible for free shipping! :-)

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    Was this review helpful to you? Yes

  2. Georgia Mom says:
    27 of 29 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I am sold on it forever now!, March 25, 2011
    Georgia Mom (Dunwoody, GA United States) –

    This review is from: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night, 1 ounce (Misc.)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    I have been a loyal Olay customer for well over ten years and have been using their Definity night restorative cream for years along with a form of Retina regularly. Admittedly, I got this Neutrogena free to try from the Vine Program but that is not why I like it so much. I am 44 and my skin has SOME wrinkles, and considerable discoloration from redness(no porcelian skin like when I was young). My skin is also extremely oily, prone to adult acne and I am beyond pale but otherwise think my skin has faired pretty well. I have become pretty skeptical of skin products and basically just gave up fads and stuck with Olay and Retina. Well maybe someone dropped a hallucinagen in my coffee but I swear I noticed better skin the next morning. I actually made myself hold off on writing this reveiw to make sure it wasn’t just the result of a good nights sleep. After several days even the big crease between my eyes isn’t as deep, and the discoloration has lessened almost to the point I can go without foundation! I stopped using the Retina because I saw more results with this in one week than I have seen in years of Retina. I don’t know if it is such a miracle worker that it would help someone who has abused their skin, but for me, I feel like I look at least 5 years younger. I am now sold on this stuff forever. I know some others mentioned the scent being strong but I hardly noticed it.

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  3. Sexyb says:

    all you can do is moisturize ur skin. i am going to be 26 and noticed a few small lines, but hey, its part of life.

    stress causes wrinkles too, cause i am wayyy stressed and this is the first i have ever seen them, so try to relax.

    my wrinkles are horizontal, so feel lucky it won’t sag ur skin

  4. Ima N says:

    is it an expression lines? or maybe your skin is dry.

    try to put more hydrating cream or essence. feed your skin with can slow down aging.

  5. tylernmi says:

    That line you describe between your eyebrows, comes from scowling while concentrating on something. Try to smooth it out, by deliberately pulling your forehead muscles flat. Just do it, and not with your fingers. close your eyes and think of some beautiful far away place and feel those muscles relax. It will take some effort at first, but make a habit of it. Is your vision ok? If you squint, that will do it too. Oriental women keep their faces blank with a half smile, I learned that while working with a crew of them. works for me, so you try it. Use your mirror as a tool. Best wishes

  6. patois says:

    Don’t be freaked. MORE wrinkles are on the way. AND, soon enough, your breasts will sag so much you will be able to toss them over your shoulder. Just joking. Wrinkles, at 24, are mostly do to sun exposure in the first 48 months of life. Ooops. Too late to do anything about that. Next, wrinkles are caused by heredity. Oooops. That’s not something you can change. Worry and pain cause many wrinkles. I was a pain management nurse. That vertical wrinkle between your eyebrows worries me. That usually hints at chronic pain, oftentimes SO chronic that one sorta “habituates” to it and doesn’t exactly register the pain. Investigate that further, my dear. Also, poor diet, less than 8 hours of sleep a night, not going to sleep at the same time every night, and not drinking PLENTY of water every day are the other leading causes of wrinkles. (See a pain doc).

  7. chameleon says:

    I have beutiful skin at 49 .Moistureize don t smoke drink lots of water limit your alchol intake eat alot of fresh fruits and vegatables I embrace my wrinkles because they are from laughter smiles and happiness Let the inner beauty shine The more you consentrate on wrinkles the more they show up Also limit your time tanning and in tanning beds Looks hot now but you will pay later 24 is a little early to be worry about wrinkles Have a dermotolgist look at the line if you are that concerned Be happy that is what life is truly about

  8. sandwreckoner says:

    Im not a lady. But, having a line here or there does not make a woman completely unappeling. Your brain and body count too.

  9. deny says:

    first wrinkle – did you ever hear of frownies, do a google search for them – I use them they’re the best. Everyone thinks I’m 6-10 years younger.

    >If you could turn back time and change something that has made you age more what would it be?
    I would have used more sunscreen, my neck and hands have tell tale sun damage.

  10. robertyank57 says:

    there are two things you can do 1) there is an exercise you can do that may help reduce that verticle line. you put your index fingers on the outside part of your eyebrow and put a little pressure there.then you lightly force your eyebrows together for a count of 10. this will counter affect the habit we all have when we frown.there is a muscle that actually builds when we frown. 2) there is a minor facial surgery that severs the muscle that we contract when we frown.this muscle is basically useless and its only serves the purpose of creating that vertical line that you hate so much.i am not a doctor,i actually am an autoworker for gm that reads alot about anti-aging methods that i fully use for myself.

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