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How to Help Remove Wrinkles

Anti Aging is what lots of people try The fact is that age wrinkles your skin . Many people try botox and this is usually surprisingly successful

Remove Wrinkles

How to Help Remove Wrinkles
remove wrinkles

Want to remove wrinkles safely, without expensive and painful injections? It looks like fixing wrinkles has become a "real" possibility with topically applied creams that are safe, all natural and really feel good.

The days of "no-pain, no-gain" are over. Even when it comes to working out and staying fit, doctors have proven that regular gentle exercise is the key. A "work-out" for your face should be practiced regularly, as well, and gentleness is one of the keys.

We have been told that we could remove wrinkles by removing the top layer of skin, with chemical peels and abrasives that exfoliate. What we learned was that those are not effective solutions for fixing wrinkles. They cause redness, inflammation and increase light sensitivity, increasing the likelihood of more damage in the future.

If you want to "cure" something, you have to look at the "cause". What causes a wrinkle to form in the first place?

Throughout your life, there are invisible changes going on at a cellular level. Eventually, without intervention, those changes become visible. You start to see fine lines and sagging, where once the skin was smooth and firm. If you could turn back the clock, fixing wrinkles would be easy. You could try to avoid all of those things that cause the cellular changes; the sun, pollution and toxins.


Obviously, we can't remove wrinkles by going back in time, but we can repair the cellular damage and start to see big changes in our appearance. Judging by the clinical studies, people who have the most damage, see the fastest and biggest results.

There are three things that cause a wrinkle to form. They are free radical damage, decreased production of replacement cells and lower protein levels (specifically lower levels of hyaluronic acid) within the skin's cells. So, fixing wrinkles must address these three things, if it is to be effective.

To repair and prevent free radical damage, we need antioxidants. To increase production of new skin cells and fibers, we need protein and other nutrients. Protein, antioxidants and other nutrients can be applied directly, to do the most good.

To increase levels of hyaluronic acid, we need to inhibit the production and activity of Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks the protein down. The only thing that has been shown to inhibit Hyaluronidase is an extract from a specific type of seaweed; Wakame Kelp.

Creams that really remove wrinkles, while improving the skin's appearance and health contain nothing artificial; no artificial preservatives, no added fragrances. Natural vitamin E is an effective preservative. It just costs more than parabens, the preservative that most companies choose to use.

You see, the best choice for fixing wrinkles is also one that will not cause an allergic or adverse reaction. Those reactions can cause permanent scarring and permanent changes in the appearance of the skin.

I would suggest say that this is the first step to remove wrinkles. Stop listening to the cosmetic surgeons and the major cosmetic companies. We need a healthier approach.

Laurel is a dedicated researcher of skin care health and products. She shares her research on her website If you have unwanted wrinkles, fine lines and damaged skin, visit now to learn about the skin care line Laurel personally recommends.

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remove wrinkles question by Janet Green: How can you remove forehead wrinkles without Botox or Forehead lift?
Whenever I raise my forehead forms about 2-3 wrinkles and I want them to be gone.
I look kind of mean and mad if I don't raise my eyebrows :/
I don't want a procedure such as a forehead lift that will leave a scar in my hair, though.
Can you possibly remove them with laser surgery?
Or is there no such thing?

remove wrinkles best answer:

Answer by Mukunda M
This treatment really works wonders(See testimonial below ##)
Forehead lines( horizontal ones): Use olive oil and massage on lines with front of first three fingers held together and ,starting from one side of forehead, do a series of short forward and back strokes - about 5 or 6 - blending one into the next all the way to the other side. For best, quickest results do quite vigorously for a minute or more.
Crows Feet: Can be quickly greatly minimized by rubbing up and down on them quite vigorously with first three fingers held close together. Even deep lines will be greatly diminished. For faster results do 2 or 3 times or a day..

Under eye wrinkles: With tips of first three fingers held close together and applying slight pressure do a one way massage from nose to just past outer eye. Use just sufficient oil. Do both eyes together. Do 6 to 8 times the first day and gradually increase daily as skin adjusts. Remove oil immediately with tissues dampened with water. You will find in a few days you can do more and do faster, For quickest results increase to about 15 to 20 times. Initially, it might make under eye a little puffy for a while but it goes away. It will go away faster if you do the "Lion face pose"
Find on YouTube - yoga face exercises

## from." big papy" on Answers
"Thank you Mukunda so much - I am greatly touched for your concern about my skin. i want you to know that i did continue the massage with tightening the skin around my mouth area and the lines are all most gone thank you soo much, you have changed my life. Also my crows feet are all most gone too! I finally look my age! I will try your new method and again thank you soo much i don't know what else to say, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

Wrinkle prevention:
No 1. Avoid using products. Many, and particularly anti aging and wrinkle creams, harsh cleansers(and too frequent cleaning) and moisturizers are seriously skin harming and skin aging.
I have had truly remarkable success in preventing wrinkles massaging using essential oils. They feed skin beneficial and health promoting nutrients and even the first day you will see skin looking healthier and starting to glow.

Massaging quite vigorously is even better for skin tightening and giving you a younger looking skin.There is no skin pulling/stretching if you first tighten face muscles. In doing so it exercises and conditions many of face muscles - thus combating their weakening that eventually leads to loss of skin tightness leading to wrinkling and lines. Almost immediately skin will tighten and look revitalized

SOURCE(S): Many years research into safe, natural treatments and cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments.

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Other anti aging procedures like facial peels work well for different skin types .Some creams are more effective than others.This often depends on how you have treated your skin

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