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Emu Oil and Wrinkles

Rolling back the years is what what women pray for The fact is you can look a lot younger. Many people try eyewrinkle creams and all these work to a degree

Emu Oil and Wrinkles

Emu oil is often used as a cure for wrinkles

Emu Oil thickens skin and this reduces the effects of wrinkles

1This is one of the seldom discussed natural remedies derived originally from a discovery by Australian Aborigines who use Emu Oil to treat muscular pain,joint pains and a whole host of skin treatments like bruises,wounds and burns and other pain relief.
They realised the healing properties of Emu Oil which they produced from the fat of the Emu.( Dromaius novaehollandiae )- they had to make their own solutions to their medical problems and emu oil really worked for them.
It is only in recent years that Medical researchers found the amazing range of solutions that Emu oil solves.

As a natural product, Emu oil varies in colour and consistency but it’s usually a yellow liquid (rather like chicken fat in colour)
When use for cosmetic purposes, it can be obtained as either an oil,spray or cream (in which case it’s often mixed with other ingredients to add other effects like pain relief)
For use in skin repair or to minimize wrinkles we suggest that 100% Pure Certified Moisturizing Skin Repairing Emu Oil is a good brand to try.

It also aids dry and itchy skin problems and its good for moisturizing and makig skin softer.

.This combination Maximizes penetration and repair. Processed in an FDA approved facility in the US and it’s  Safe and Effective...

  • Skin Repairing Moisturizer for Psoriasis, Eczema, Redness, Swelling, Pain, Dry Skin, Etc.
  • · This is an  odorless oil which aids in the relief of minor skin irritations, dry skin, etc..

The largest constituent of all emu Oil preparations is Oleic Acid a mono-unsaturated Omega-9 fatty acid. It also contains  Linoleic acid for relief from joint pain and ease of aching muscles. It retains skin moisture for quite a long time.

As Emu Oil is also marketed as a  dietary supplement you should only buy Emu Oil from an FDA approved Laboratory source as other sources can be suspect.

We only offer FDA approved- source Emu Oil.

Emu Oil has many additional uses including, curing wrinkles , hair loss, sunburn, , bruises..

It also contains fatty a similar form as human skin.

( but don’t worry you will not end up looking like an Emu !)

It has also been used as a shampoo, for hair loss, repairing scars and for alleviating skin rashes.
REAL Emu Oil is not greasy, smelly or unpleasant to touch (it actually feels pleasant to touch)

Additional uses for Emu Oil Include :

Acne to reduce swelling and itching

Diaper rash - soothing and gentle

Razor rash - good for razor burns


Nail care and dry skin on hands

Muscular aches and pains

Eczema - gives good relief to itching skin

(Beware of lumpy or nasty smelling Emu Oils as these are usually fakes !)

Emu does have some anti-bacterial properties   but it is NOT suitable for vegetarians as

After all  it is made from real emu oil !


Other anti aging procedures like Botox Treatment work differently for different skin colorations :folks.Some therapies are more fast acting than others.This often depends on if you have smoked

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