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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Indian Healing clay really works The fact is you can look a lot younger. Many people try botox and this is usually surprisingly successful

Legendary Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 5 star product

Do you suffer from boils,skin impurities,acne marks?

Here's a video that explains it all:


Aztec Clay Aztec Secret is a healing clay which will deep cleanse your skin and remove impurities working by lifting out the poisons and spots andtoxins  in your skin and  absorbing both pimples and blackheads into the clay bed leaving  clean refreshed skin feeling healthier, more alive, softer and smoother.

natural Aztec Secret  will make you feel and see the difference after a treatment- the more you use it the better the results will be. There are no artfiicial additives in Aztec Secret clay.

In fact it's virtually identical to the main constituents of face masks from the times of the legendary beauty Cleopatara up to modern day expensive face masks. - It's just a lot less costly !

Aztec Secret Healing clay is mainly a substance called Bentonite or Montmorillonite and is very similar to Fullers Earth  As an ancient cosmetic aid it's tried and tested through the ages


. Bentonite is sourced from Death Valley in Californis where it's sun dries for up to 6 months in temperatures of up to 134 degrees Although there are no artificial additive, Aztec Clay contains over 50 natural mineral compounds including Bentonite

. It's really simple to use to get great results :




Please read these instructions !

You just have to mix Aztec Clay in a plastic,pyrex or nylon bowl (please don't use metal as that might react a little.) with equal parts of water or raw apple cider vinegar until it's a smooth paste - just add more water or clay until you get the result you desire. Although the instructions say you should apply 1/4 to 1/2 inch as a face mask you might find that a bit difficult and messy.

Switch off the phone before using Aztec (it always rings when you have a face mask on doesn't it ? Stops your phone getting a bit messy - do you really want to clean up your iphone/mobile  ?)

Let the clay mixture dry for between 5 to 10 minutes (if you have delicate skin) or 15 to 2o minutes for normal skin

. You will feel a slight pulling sensation as the clay mask shrinks - this is quite normal. After the 20 minutes you should gently wash the clay off with warm water. A slight reddening appears after you remove the face mask but this is quite normal   the redness fades in about half an hour. Indian Healing Clay - Historically it was called the World's most powerful facial and it's very similar to the face packs used by Cleopatara and other famous beauties of history.

Roman Spas  used to  use Aztec Clay as a treatment and it's in common use in German Spas even today. is that the longest beauty treatment that works or what ?

Kneipp used clay in his famous treatment with cider vinegar. You'll get a hefty package weighing 1 lb so you have enough for several facials or even neck and shoulder treatments.

How does it work ?  The clay is very soft but contains tiny crystals that cleans the skin.

Face masks should be gently spread over your face  after you have cleansed it gently and your skin has dried

You then gently apply avoiding your eyes.eyelids and lips.

Facemasks absorb excess oils and help to clear blocked pores ( and draws comedomes to the surface. Best Results are seen from oily skins.

People who have dry skins should avoid clay facemasks as they tend to be very drying.

After giving the Aztec Indian Healing clay time to work its time to wash it off - but please take care doing this as the clay will be thick after 20 or 30 minutes and its very easy to block up your sink or shower  so wash the clay off SLOWLY and get a thin liquid that will run out of your sink easily.

You should be pleasantly surprised at just how effective this facepack is at cleansing your face

There are many kinds of face masks available, which typically fall into one or more of the following categories: Clay-based masks use kaolin clay or fuller's earth to transport essential oils and chemicals to the skin, and are typically left on until completely dry. As the clay dries, it absorbs excess oil and dirt from the surface of the skin and may help to clear blocked pores or draw comedones to the surface. Because of its drying actions, clay-based masks should only be used on oily skins. Peel masks are typically gel-like in consistency, and contain various acids or exfoliating agents to help exfoliate the skin, along with other ingredients to hydrate, discourage wrinkles, or treat uneven skin tone. They are also left on to dry, and then gently peeled off. They should be avoided by people with dry skin, as they also tend to be very drying.

New innovation is Sheet masks are a relatively new product that is becoming extremely popular in Asia. Sheet masks consist of a thin cotton or fiber sheet with holes cut out for the eyes and lips and cut to fit the contours of the face, onto which serums and skin treatments are brushed in a thin layer; the sheets may also be soaked in the treatment.

Masks are available to suit almost all skin types and skin complaints. Sheet masks are quicker, less messy, and require no specialized knowledge or equipment for their use compared to other types of face masks, but they may be difficult to find and purchase outside of Asia.

Product Details Size: 1lb Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 6.7 x 3.6 inches ; 2.2 pounds Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies) Origin: Made in USA ASIN: B000ZMBSPE UPC: 727616172326 Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars See all reviews (656 customer reviews) Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #19 in Beauty (See Top 100 in Beauty) .zg_hrsr { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style-type: none; } .zg_hrsr_item { margin: 0 0 0 20px; } .zg_hrsr_rank { display: inline-block; width: 50px; text-align: right; } #1 in Health & Personal Care >

USER REVIEWS :P ersonal Care > Skin Care > Face > Face Would you like   234 of 247 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars Really fantastic stuff, has multi-uses. October 24, 2009 By M. hallman VINE™ VOICE Size Name:2 lbs I've been using this for years and it is fantastic and nothing short of miraculous. I've used it on poison ivy, eczema, zits, blackhead, large pores, bruises, chigger and bug bites. I had a very severe bout of poison ivy, so I mixed up a large quantity of this stuff (cover and put in fridge any stuff you mix up,) and every night applied a pack and covered it with paper towels which I taped it down to keep in place & slept with it over night. The next morning I hosed off the dried clay and could see the poison ivy was losing it's punch, less ooze, itch & redness.

This stuff pulls the toxins out of your skin!

Would be great for teenagers troubled skin as it's the best clay to use on the face.


I apply a thick layer and let it completely dry.

It makes you skin pulsate as it's drying and I noticed my skin is more taut, pores smaller and clean, smoother and clearer after use.

This stuff increases circulation in your skin and can make it red after using, (for me it goes away after 30 minutes.)


I also used it on an allergic reaction I had to some sunscreen where my chest broke out in zits and after one application of this clay the next day everything had cleared up.

F.Y.I. - to avoid a clogged drain, I peel the clay off after it's dried, or hose down outside because the dried clay (if it goes down the drain) can cause a clog.

You can also use it in a bath as a detoxifier for the whole body. Just sprinkle in the water and it melts (no risk of drain clogging with this method.)

This is a must for any emergency medical kit. More FYI: Mix in a NON-METAL CONTAINER using NON -METAL UTENSILS.

Instead of mixing with water you can use apple cider vinegar (I have also used aloe juice, NONI juice to amp up the healing properties.)

AZTEC INDIAN HEALING is  A great cheap beauty mask that really detox's and purifies.. Any mixed leftovers can be covered and put in the fridge for further use. Add a little water if it dries up a bit while in the fridge.

NOTE: The dry powder does not need to be refrigerated. **If using in a bath: gently sprinkle clay (I have used 1/2 of a container per bath) and use your hand as a beater to properly dissolve the clay when it hits the water to avoid clumping. 14 Comments

142 of 153 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars A man's review, for men. May 29, 2012 By Inglip Size Name:2 lbs|Amazon Verified Purchase For the impatient:


Unlike "girly" products that smell like a whorehouse, this is a simple product.

You can feel the face pulsate as the clay dries, it pulls the skin and I think that is why it works so well. It soaks up a huge amount of oil and dirt.

I had HUGE nose pores and crap in the pores. Once week in and the pores are 1/4 the size. I've tried strips and other garbage and nothing has worked as well as ... this plain old dirt from the ground.

You'll have to expel the gunk in the pores by whatever method prefer, but once you squeeze it out it won't come back if you continue with the clay.

The pores shrank and my skin is amazing compared to only a week ago.

1. It really works

2. Don't be cheap, use good vinegar

3. Apply it with a shaving brush and apply it like shaving soap. They say 1/2 an inch but that is impossible, nice try clay salesman.

APPLY IT EVERYWHERE. Face, neck, chest, forearms, buttocks. Why? This is the best skin care item, ever.

It's also DIRT cheap. Dirt, get it?

4. Let it dry completely for 15-20 minutes.

Use a small fan if you need to help it along. 5. Don't push on or touch your damn face while it's on, it will come off or if it's dry you will stretch the skin out. 6. Wash off in the shower and DONT RUB IT OFF ,

let it get soft and then gently help it off.


Use the 2:1 apple cider vinegar to powder mix for best results.

This stuff works, throw all the girly **** in the garbage.

When covered in clay you look like Arnold from predator. (giggles !)

To sum it up, get this and fast.

 It will change your life in less than a week.

199 of 218 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars

Where have you been all my life?

January 14, 2010 By R. Morris Size Name:2 lbs I am 32 years old with extremely sensitive skin. I have acne, eczema, large pores and my skin will dry into a red rash due to changing weather or caused by some products.

No amount of Retional, Accutane, Protiviti, Clearisil etc etc has ever taken care of my problems.

I just used this mask for the first time (with applecider vinegar) and my skin feels super soft.

My pores have shrunk to the point that I am using one of those (horrific) magnifying mirrors and they still look small.

I did feel the tightening and pulling that others have described but it was satisfying to know the product was working.

My face did turn red immediately after the treatment, but that faded within 20 minutes.

I am VERY pleased with the result and will use this again frequently.

I have used clay-based face masks before, including the bar and tube from Fresh, a mud mask from Sabon, and also fresh masks from Lush (the Chocolate clay one is my fave)

. None of those masks have produced as good a result as this product.

PLUS this clay was far less expensive than the products i just mentioned.

I only had to use 1 tablespoon worth of the product (plus 1T of liquid) to cover my entire face and neck so I will expect this jar will last me a year or more!

I'll have to provide an update if it helps my Acne but its too soon to tell...

5 star product


Other anti aging procedures like a Facelift work differently for different people .Some therapies are more effective than others.This often depends on how you have treated your skin

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