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Aging signs – Gray Hair

Anti Aging is what lots of women wish for The fact is you can look a lot younger. Many people try eyewrinkle creams and all these work to a degree

Aging Signs - Gray Hair

There is of course one thing that gives away your age and that is Gray Hair.
This is one of the early signs of aging.
(That plus wrinkles and sagging muscles in and near your face)

Gray Hair is one of the signs of aging that is really common in both men and women and can start in eveb the early 30's - this gives the appearance of premature aging.

This is why many anti-aging treatments especially hair dyes were formulated ling before most anti aging treatments came into fashion.
Due to rapid advances in science though, gray hair treatments are today not only limited to the manufacture and sales of hair dyes. There are several approaches that could be resorted to in cutting back the start of graying hair.

You could divide the treatments for graying hair into the following basic caategries:

Cosmetic Treatments

Hairdressers are the most common solution to this problem
Hair dying is the easiest, most common and the oldest approach to treating gray hair.

Most hair dyes are formulated so that the molecules could penetrate through the hair cuticles without causing cuticle damage.

While most hair dyes employ chemicals in their formulas, the most common is ammonia,nut there are also hair dyes that use vegetable colors for those who worry about applying dyes with chemicals on their hair.

Henna and sage are the best most common alteratives

Medical Treatments

The colour of your hair deopends on the amount or the concentration of melanin that is present in the body.

Melanin gives skin color as well as hair color. It is also a factor in whether you will tan or burn in the sun.
The production of melanin in the body slows down as a person get older.
The purpose of medical treatments for graying hair is to reverse the slowing down process of melanin.
Drugs are applied to reverse the loss of hair colour
Among the drugs used are Auxins, Imatinib Mesylate and Gleever.
These drugs are usually only available from your doctor as others may cause side effects, are not commercially available or are in fact treatments that were originally intended for other ailments.

Application of Topical Nutrients

The following are universally accepted topical solutions that are applied to improve the nutrients that the hair receives and fight against graying hair. Some of these soltions are ancient remedies and are tested over the past years.

Eugenol Oil - Applied topically, the active ingredients of eugenol oil come from cloves. Eugenol oil has demonstrated to restore the dolor of the hair.

Amla Oil - This oil strengthens the follicles of the hair facilitates pigmentation and hair growth.

Ligustrum - Has long been used by the Chinese to prevent graying of hair.

Ashwagandha - This one increases the melanin in the hair treating the grays and giving back its color.

Superoxide Dismutase - Are compounds that are often found in hair gels to protect against graying of the hair.

Shampoos with Omega-3 - Omega 3 are anti-oxidants that fight against degrading of the cells. Omega-3 provides nutrition for the hair follicle to fight against premature graying.

Melanin - Could also be applied topically in the scalp.

Retin A - When combined with alpha-hydroxyl acid are powerful agents that replace the hairs natural color.

Ayurvedic Medicine - there are a number of Indian Treatments tht may help with this problem

There are also several nutrients for the hair that could be taken orally. They could be in combination with other drugs or are their main ingredients. These oral treatments could come in the form of capsules and tablets. Some of these are vitamin 12, minerals, Biotin, folic acid, Para - Aminobenzoic Acid, and Inositol.

Although many chemical treatments are available from hairdreeser, there cn be unexpected effects if you are allergic to some chemicals

Here are a few Gray Hair treatments you could consider

Verseo Greyban Anti Grey Solution

Apply daily to dry hair to progressively regain color after 7-14 days. When desired results are achieved, apply twice weekly to maintain color.

Studies show that 42% of natural color is regained after 14 days and 82.3% after 28 days of treatment. GrayBan doesn't make the hair greasy and won't irritate the skin. 6.8oz

You can see more about Graban here

Works but some people find it a bit smelly


YOUTHAIR Creme for Men and Women

Youthair is a color restoring, conditioning treatment for hair that is used by thousands of men to make them look and feel younger. Youthhair helps to replace the color that hair loses as it begins to gray.

Its unique formula provides long lasting, natural results. youthair allows you to choose how much or how little gray you want. Within 3 weeks of daily use, hair color will gradually be restored to its natural shade. No more complicated, messy dyes. No shade selection to match. Easy one-step application.

Other anti aging procedures like Botox Treatment work in different ways for different people .Some creams are more effective than others.This often depends on how you have treated your skin

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